Rent-to-own Trucks

Rent to own Trucks

Need a truck? Got a job available but don't have the right equipment? Why not try rent to own?

The rent to own solution is perfect for drivers or owner operators that want to keep their options open. Banks saying NO or terms are unreasonable? Why would you lock yourself into long term liabilities? Why expose yourself to the uncertainty of the future? Instead, we can offer a rental agreement, so your business has the flexibility to:
Purchase the truck, trailer or commercial equipment at any time during the rental and receive a rental rebate. Return the truck or trailer at the end of the agreement, if you no longer need it. Or just continue to rent - and we'll simply continue to reduce your purchase price.

  • Free up working capital
  • Low weekly payments
  • Fast approval
  • Try before you buy
  • No director's guarantee
  • Rental payments are fully tax deductible

Rent to own is not just for trucks and vehicles but for all types of commercial equipment too! Ask us to find out more.

Got questions? Send us an enquiry using the quick enquiry form or alternatively to get started with rent to own, fill out the rent to own application by clicking the button below for a no obligation rent to own approval.

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Polcar Used Vans & Light Commercial Vehicles Adelaide SA - Finance & Rent to Own available to approved purchasers only, terms & conditions apply. Please contact us for more information.